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    Mixing Sports and Supper

    Just as Harkness teaching addresses the intellectual aspects of a Lawrenceville education and the House system addresses students’ emotional needs, responding to their physical needs – from exercise to nutrition – in a way that functions as a co-curricular complement to the culture of House and Harkness is a critical piece in the holistic education […]
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  • (ps) Abbott reopens.main

    Abbott Reopens – Renewed and Resplendent

    After almost two years of construction and renovation, the newly redesigned Abbott Dining Hall re-opened earlier this month, just in time for Revisit Days and select Fifth Form meals. The updated facility not only features reconfigured dining and food preparation areas, but it was completely reimagined to better reflect the architecture and style of the […]
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  • (ps) Behind the Master Plan.main

    Behind the Master Plan

    The Circle, the Bowl, the Crescent. The Olmsted campus, the Delano and Aldrich campus. Over the years, Lawrenceville’s 700 acres have been developed sectionally as needs arose, and while it all works aesthetically and in daily use, could the functionality of the campus be improved? Could rethinking campus roadways and the placement and design of […]
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